Laparoscopic surgery in pregnant patients with acute abdomen

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Pinar Cigdem Kocael
Osman Simsek
Kaya Saribeyoglu
Salih Pekmezci
Ertugrul Goksoy


AIM: Notwithstanding the significant advantages compared to open surgery, laparoscopic surgery was considered to be contraindicated in pregnant patients. Currently, there are opposing views on the safety of laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy, especially in last trimester. The aim of this study was to examine feasibility of laparoscopic surgery in pregnant women with acute abdomen.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed records of all patients who were admitted to the Emergency Department of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty between January 1995 and January 2013. All clinical data of pregnant patient who underwent laparoscopic surgery were analyzed including inpatient records, operative reports, pathology records, and delivery information.

RESULTS: Fourteen pregnant patients (mean gestational age 19.2 weeks, ranged from 9 to 33 weeks) who underwent laparoscopy for appendectomy (n=11), cholecystectomy (n=2), and diagnostic reasons (n=1) were included. Average time of delivery was 37.4 gestational weeks (range 35-40 weeks). Two patients had preterm labor. No complications such as uterine injury, fetal death, or maternal mortality were encountered during laparoscopic procedures.

CONCLUSION: Laparoscopic surgery can be safely performed at all trimesters of pregnancy. Laparoscopy may be useful in differentiation of acute abdominal pain in pregnancy and may decrease fetal loss due to delay in diagnosis. shorter operative time reduces negative effects of surgery on mother and fetus.

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Kocael, Pinar Cigdem, et al. “Laparoscopic Surgery in Pregnant Patients With Acute Abdomen”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 86, no. 2, Mar. 2015, pp. 137-42,