A new mesh design for plug and patch groin hernia repair: Parietene®PP

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Paolo Negro
Francesco Gossetti
Viviana Vermeil
Linda D’Amore


Plug and patch hernioplasty is a technique showing very good results. Actually some criticisms mainly concern the amount of prosthetic material and the shrinkage of the plug resulting in recurrence of hernia, groin pain, and/or migration.

The new tridimensional mesh Parietene® PP allows to achieve a plug and patch hernioplasty, without any risk of plug migration.

The Parietene® PP hernia repair in simple and easy to learn. Preliminary results are very satisfactory and comparable with the best outcome from mesh plug repair, without any risk of plug migration.

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Negro, Paolo, et al. “A New Mesh Design for Plug and Patch Groin Hernia Repair: Parietene®PP”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 79, no. 6, Nov. 2008, pp. 467-70, https://annaliitalianidichirurgia.it/index.php/aic/article/view/1658.