Spontaneous pneumothorax. When and how to treat

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Efestatious K. Metaxas
Nicolas Condilis
Nicolas Tzatzadakis
Athanasios Dervisoglou
Kalliope Athanasiadi
Michael I. Gerazounis


INTRODUCTION: Spontaneous Pneumothorax, whether primary or secondary, may occur in patients with or without a history of pneumonic disease.

AIM OF THE STUDY: From 1992 to 2002, we treated 275 patients, 230 male and 45 female, in the department of Thoracic Surgery of the General Hospital of Nikaia-Piraeus.

In this study the Authors report on the data concerning the frequency correlated with age, sex, causes, symptoms, as well as the ways of treatment, in order to compare them and their results with those recorded in Greek and international literature.

CONCLUSIONS: Il is made obvious by our material that only approximately 10% of patients suffering from spontancous pneumothorax need surgery (thoracotomy), while the remaining patients can be managed with closed thoracic drainage or conservative treatment and monitoring.

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