Ovarian cyst in a case of female pseudohermaphroditism in a patient with male phenotype

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Mario Benedetti
Francesco Paolo Tinozzi
Simone Albertario
Carlo Bianchi
Luigi Valenti
Tekla Niebel
Stefano Tinozzi
Stefano Dini
Nirvana Moroni


Female pseudohermaphroditism is an intersexual state distinguished by virilized external genitals and secondary sex characters in a XX subject.

We report a case of female pseudohermaphroditism diagnosed later on the discovery of an abdominal mass, then revealed to be an enormous ovarian cyst. Hormonal dosages suggested the presence of partial surrenalic b-hydroxylase deficiency. For this reason the clinical picture was considered expression of an adreno-genital syndrome, displayed as female pseudohermaphroditism with Prader stage V virilization.

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Benedetti, Mario, et al. “Ovarian Cyst in a Case of Female Pseudohermaphroditism in a Patient With Male Phenotype”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 78, no. 4, July 2007, pp. 329-32, https://annaliitalianidichirurgia.it/index.php/aic/article/view/3042.
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