Sutures in general surgery. New materials and advice

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Paolo Izzo
Claudia De Intinis
Fabio Di Pumpo
Simone Sibio
Luigi Basso
Daniele Crocetti
Raimondo Gabriele
Andrea Polistena
Massimo Codacci-Pisanelli
Luciano Izzo
Sara Izzo


The suture thread used in digestive surgery must have several characteristics, including resistance to tension until the anastomosis coalescence, rapid absorption to avoid complications, biocompatibility and ease of handling. The preference is for monofilament polymers as they offer greater guarantees in biliary-digestive anastomoses. Suturing with synthetic polymers and mechanical devices such as staplers are the most suitable techniques. It is believed that staplers may become the gold standard technique in robotic surgery based on their experience and experimental data. In general, the goal is to use materials that minimize the risk of post-operative complications and offer maximum reliability in the anastomosis.

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Izzo, Paolo, et al. “Sutures in General Surgery. New Materials and Advice”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 94, no. 6, Nov. 2023, pp. 649-53,
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