First case of bilateral diaphragm eventration successfully repaired through an abdominal approach following lung transplantation

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Murat Ersin Cardak
Aziz Serkan Senger
Selcuk Gulmez
Sevinc Citak
Kartal Kosuyolu


A 61-year-old male patient with bilateral lung transplantation was admitted to the outpatient clinic with increasing respiratory distress for a month. Bilateral diaphragm eventration was observed in his examinations. Bilateral diaphragmplication was successfully performed abdominally in the patient who had a complaint despite supportive treatment. The respiratory capacity of the patient returned to normal.

The abdominal approach may be a good alternative option in cases where intrathoracic surgery cannot be performed due to adhesions in patients with eventration after lung transplantation.

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Cardak, Murat Ersin, et al. “First Case of Bilateral Diaphragm Eventration Successfully Repaired through an Abdominal Approach Following Lung Transplantation”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 12, no. May, May 2023, pp. 1-3,
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