Skin neuroendocrine carcinoma metastasis: A case report

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Maurizio Rossitto
Francesco Fedele
Sebastiano Pantè
Fabio Crescenti
Salvatore Incardona
Antonio Ciccolo
Ciro Famulari


BACKGROUND: Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare and aggressive skin tumour with a highly malignant nature whose appropriate treatment is still debated. The Authors report a case of cutaneous metastasis from neuroendocrine carcinoma and analyse new diagnostic and terapeutic options of neoplasms that occurs in sun-exposed areas.

METHODS: The authors present the clinical, immunocytochemical characteristic of primary and secondary skin localization of a neuroendocrine tumor that affected a woman.

RESULTS: Histological and immunocytochemical analysis demonstrated that the secondary cutaneous localization appeared to be compared to the primary tumour.

CONCLUSIONS: The case confirm the high incidence of regional metastasis; a wide surgical excision of tumor and regional lymphadenectomy is therefore recommended for primary treatment of MCC; the radiation treatment minimized the local recidives with long time survival.

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Rossitto, Maurizio, et al. “Skin Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Metastasis: A Case Report”. Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia, vol. 77, no. 1, Jan. 2006, pp. 69-73,
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